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Why You Need a Personal Website in 2021

Have you wondered why you need a personal website to fit into the circle/order of things in 2021? Having a personal website for your brand is a more compelling way to showcase your resume and portfolio. Whether you are selling a product or a service or you’re the brand (celebrity), even if you’re hunting for a job, a personal website helps your potential employer and customers learn about you in more detail.

But what makes owning a personal website so important? It is not exactly hidden information that Human resource managers take to Google search and social media to try to find out more information about a prospect. Going by that, wouldn’t it make more sense to give them something to learn of you rather than leave them to find nothing or something that doesn’t exactly portray you in the light that you would like?

Now let’s see what a personal website of your own will do for you. You should learn of these 7 things to consider during your domain name search for your personal website.

5 Reasons You Need a Personal Website

Having a personal website will do all of the following for you:

  1. Help hiring managers find you
  2. Give you a competitive advantage
  3. Control your brand image
  4. Tell more story than your resume would
  5. Showcases your portfolio in a more creative way

1. Helps hiring managers find you

Whether you are on a job hunt or you offer a product or service, having your personal website on the internet helps a prospective employers to find you. While it is true that human resource managers often have a large collection of resumes, they also turn to Google search to find the best man for some kinds of jobs.

In some other cases they turn to Google search to try to find additional information about choice candidates. By having a professional website setup, you’ll be helping your searchers find out more about you and how you are suitable for a position.

2. Give you a competitive advantage

If you want to stand out from the other candidates, a personal website could help you tell a more compelling story about your competence. In the event that your person is your brand, (say you’re a celebrity), a personal website will help potential partners, employers or clients learn more of your suitability.

But if you’re like an artist who works with canvas or maybe a makeup artist or even a web designer, your personal website would contain a rich portfolio of your previous works for your website visitors to see.

3. Control your brand image

It is not just enough that people find information about you online. Wouldn’t it be great to also control what it is that they find?

Helping your website visitors understand what you do is a great way to convince them that you are ready for the job. Needless to say, owning a professional website creates a good first impression in the minds of your potential recruiters.

Jess Catorc from DIY Website Academy has this to say about controlling your brand image:

Whether you are applying for a new job or starting a side project, most people will search for your name online . . . Having the control over what information you would like to share (including your achievements) is such a powerful thing.

4. Tell more story than your resume would

A resume is a document that provides a concise detail of education, work experiences, credentials and accomplishments. While a resume might just be okay for some hirers, it might not do justice to your suitability for some.

Having a URL on your resume that sends your potential employer directly to your personal website tells them something about you in a way your resume never would.

5. Showcases your portfolio in a more creative way

Hiring managers are interested in learning more about your work more than you’re happy to show them. A personal website is a great way to showcase your portfolio and help them learn of your capabilities. Knowledge of these 7 terrible things hosting companies do will help you when hosting your personal website.


Having seen why you need a personal website in 2020, you will find this tutorial on how to set up a personal website very helpful. Also see 6 Things You Should Put on Your Personal Website—and 6 Things to Avoid at All Costs

At this stage, you’re probably wondering why your social media platforms cannot take the place of a professional website. Well, the answer is very simple. When people have a query about a product, service or a person, they often turn to search engines to get answers. So being visible on search engines is a great way to get them to learn about you, your product or ultimately your brand.

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