Industry SEO Tips and Tricks

Industry SEO Tips and Tricks

Businesses are quickly realizing why SEO matters. Industries are now reviewing industry SEO tips and tricks to help them become more visible to existing customers and also attract new prospects. This new enthusiasm for SEO of websites is not limited to any particular industry, it has spread all over.

On that account, we’re going to discuss SEO techniques that work for virtually any industry or niche you can think of. The good news is these SEO tips can be applied to other industries as you will soon see. You can easily adapt everything to work for you no matter what your industry is.

Why Does SEO Matter?

The answer I have for everyone that asks why SEO matters is always the same. If you had an opportunity to position your storefront on a busy street, would you take it? And almost everyone goes like “oh yeah, I’d definitely take it!”

So, well SEO is the process of making your web pages rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs) making it easier for potential customers to see your business.

Worthy of note in this expose is that you would need a responsive website for these SEO tips to produce best results. If you don’t already have one, you should check out how to make a responsive website.

Industries whose SEO tips and tricks we are going to use as reference points for others include:

  •       Dental Industry SEO
  •       Real Estate Industry SEO
  •       Legal Industry SEO
  •       Small Business SEO

In addition to this post, learning what organic traffic is and how to build it will be very helpful for improving your SEO.

Tips for Dental SEO

As a dentist, SEO might not be high on the list of stuff you know to do. You might not even know where to get started.

However, knowing there’s a competition out there who are already taking advantage of dental SEO to attract more patients to their practices should give you all the motivation that you need to get started.

Below is a workable strategy your dental practice can bank on to vamp your clientele base.

  1. Use of Relevant Keywords
  2. Local Search Optimization
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Link Building

Now let’s discuss each of these industry SEO tips and tricks in a little bit more detail.

1. Use of Relevant Keywords

Relevant keywords means specific keywords that relate to searches your target audience could be making.

It is not good practice to optimize you web pages around loose keywords like dentist, teeth, dental clinic, dental services and other such generic terms.

For instance, a potential dental clinic patient in Burnaby would use search terms like teeth whitening products, best mouth flossing products, dental annual exam for kids, and other such dental related terms.

So, instead of using just “dentist” as a keyword in your contents, you should use long tail keywords like annual dental exam for kids, how to fix a fractured tooth etc. Long tail keywords have been found to bring higher conversion rates than short tail keywords.

2. Optimize for Local Searches

Audiences of some industries tend to make more local searches when they require certain services or products. For example someone in Burnaby looking for a dentist is more likely to search for “ best dentists in Burnaby” or “dentists near me” than just “dentist”. So, optimizing your web pages and blog posts for ” best dentists in Burnaby” increases your chances of being found on such local searches.

Another way to improve your visibility for local searches is to register your business on Google Business. That way, people searching for “businesses near me” can easily find you. It would be helpful too if your practice gets a lot of 5-star reviews. That tells Google you’re doing some good work over there at your practice.

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing as a strategy for ranking on search engine result pages has proven to be very effective. In fact, content is king in all industry SEO practice. Use of long tail keyword, local search optimizations and link building strategies are like the icing on the cake.

When you begin to publish keyword and location optimized posts (when applicable), your dental practice becomes more visible on SERPs to people nearby. This also helps to grow your credibility and establish trust in the long run. With consistency, your practice becomes a trusted source of information and a go-to dental service.

4. Link Building

Backlinks are like a vote of confidence from others about the quality of your work. Having a great link profile helps your practice website rank high on Google. So, link building is something to take seriously.

You can build your backlink profile by consistently publishing quality contents on your blog. That is to say that your dental practice website should have a blog page.

If you remain consistent with your approach, naturally your backlinks will begin to grow as people will start to reference your works (posts). You may also work with your networks to see if they are willing to share your contents and give you that vote of confidence that you need.

Now that we have gone over why SEO matters for dental practices and some tips for dental SEO, we’ll now see how to adapt this same strategy to work for other industries that are not dental practices.

Tips for Real Estate SEO

The quads of keywords, local search optimizations, content marketing and link building can be used to achieve a speedy real estate SEO.

Terrace houses in Auckland, cheap real estate deals in Montreal, how to get good real estate deals in Ontario are examples of long tail keywords that fit into real estate SEO.

If your real estate business involves selling properties online, you might need extra tips on SEO for eCommerce sites.  Internal linking simply known as interlinking could be of immense help here. Internal linking is a great way of sending link juice from one page to another. In eCommerce sites it could involve interlinking a well performing blog posts with high a priority property page.

Such interlinking in SEO practices help to send down link juice from ranking pages to high priority product pages. What a lot of eCommerce site owners do not know is that eCommerce websites do require some unique SEO strategy.

Tips for Small Business SEO

This industry SEO guide can be tailored to suit whatever category your business falls into. Just as said earlier those 4 general SEO tips and tricks to promote websites can be adapted for any industry.

For small businesses that are just starting out, an in-depth keyword research of the industry is recommended. Depending on the volume of competition you are up against, you might have to rank your web pages for low volume keywords which are less competitive than those your competitors rank for. We’ve discussed how to do this extensively in our guide on how to spy on your competitors’ online strategy.

Tips for Legal Industry SEO

Given that most people do not have like a dedicated lawyer that represent them, legal representation is often sought locally. Well, except in rare occasions involving high profile individuals or cases. On that note, you can strengthen your law firm SEO with keywords and local search optimizations.

Content marketing and link building as discussed above will assist your law firm SEO to very high degrees. Minus referrals and popularity, your potential clients need to know that you have prior experience and the necessary expertise to represent them. You can use our industry SEO tips and tricks as discussed above to sell your experience and expertise to your potential clients.


Search engine optimization is not limited to any industry at all. As long as you want to rank #1 or at least high on search engine result pages, you must make conscious efforts at SEO techniques.

If you feel like you are not inclined to SEO or don’t have a dedicated staff member for it, you can opt to hire an SEO consultant. We’ve prepared this guide on how to find the best SEO consultant for your brand.

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