How Much Traffic Should Your Website be Getting 

You most likely landed on this page trying to find some answers on how much website traffic is ideal for your website?

Perhaps you have read somewhere that there’s a number you need to attain that is the standard. Well, we’ve got some shocking news for you. No amount of traffic is the ideal number!

Yes, when it comes to what is considered good website traffic, there’s no cap that fits the top! The number of website traffic you get or are going to get largely depends on your answers to some very important questions.

3Ws of Getting Website Traffic

  •       What is your business about?
  •       Who are your audience?
  •       What is your strategy?

Before we delve right into your answers to those questions above, we’d like to establish a basis for our discussion. Whether you’re getting 1000 hits or 100,000 hits or over 1million hits per month, that is not so important. Is that so? Yes! So, that is to say that you shouldn’t be asking; “how much traffic should I be getting”. Your question should rather be; “Who am I, who are my customers and how do I reach them”? In however words you choose to ask these basic questions is not a problem at all. The most important thing here is your answers to the questions themselves.

So, let’s now take a good look at what is considered good website traffic.

1. What is Your Business About?

Business X is a beauty salon located in Edinburgh, UK and Business Y is an adult website operating out of Montreal, Canada.

Now simply put, the amount of website traffic depends on who you are or rather what your business is about. So, if you’re like Business X, you really shouldn’t be expecting anything near half the traffic of Business Y. The logic is really very simple, there aren’t 1million people searching for a beauty salon in Edinburgh, UK.

However, if by chance your business is similar or comparable with Business Y, then maybe you should be expecting or working towards the vicinity of 1million hits monthly.

2. Who are Your Audience?

Haven understood who you are, it is also important that you know your audience and where they come from. You should never underestimate the role of your potential audience when it comes to determining how much traffic your website should be getting. Knowing where your existing visitors come from will help you know where and how best to launch your future campaigns. Having an idea of how to track website traffic will no doubt be of immense help to you in this regard.

Surveys have shown that some of the highest ranking adult websites see traffic running into tens of millions on a monthly basis. Most times, these websites experience a large volume of both organic traffic and direct traffic. Organic visitors find your website via search engines. Direct traffic are generated by visitors who come in on their own by imputing the URL of the website into a browser.

Whether you’re a lifestyle blogger or an adult content internet marketer, the point is that the amount of traffic you get is directly proportional to the interest of your audience in what you do. This refers us back to point one discussed earlier. Do you see the connection now?

So, in the course of trying to improve your traffic, your interest should be to check competitor website traffic rather than those of unrelated high traffic websites.

3. What is Your Strategy?

What is considered good website traffic is that there’s a consistent improvement on the amount of traffic you’re getting at regular intervals, like say monthly. On another hand, a good SEO strategy involves constant intentional efforts.

If you’re not already seeing such improvements as described above in your monthly traffic, then your content marketing strategy is most likely wrong and you might need a new and more solid SEO strategy. Part of our strategy will show you how to track the traffic you’re already getting for your own advantage.

After you’ve set your now improved strategy on course, it is important that you closely monitor the progress you’re making. The Google Analytics plugin is a very effective tool if you’re still struggling with how to track website traffic. It is also free.

To evaluate how successful your SEO strategy is, you should also monitor what your close competitors are doing. In the real sense of it, every business has at least one competitor who is either already a threat or a potential threat. If your need is to check competitor website traffic, there are a number of tracking tools you can utilize to do that. You can also explore our guide on How to Spy on Your Competitor’s Online Strategy.

How to Generate More Website Traffic

Now that we’ve reached an understanding on the issue of how much traffic your website should be getting, did you know that you can also go an extra mile to improve your website growth?

When you check competitor website traffic, and results show that you are having disparity in traffic than they are, that suggests that you’ve left some surfaces unscratched and will need to put in more work.

There are a number of SEO tools that you can deploy to see your website experience a happy leap in traffic. One of the industry big shots, Brian Dean who is the founder and CEO of Backlinko shared his testimonial of how he used free SEO tools to turn his website traffic around to over 299k visitors monthly.


In your quest to improve your website traffic, whether you’re a small offline business with an online presence or a large internet business, those are only descriptions of who you are. Second to it is that you know who they are that you are looking for and have a good strategy to reach them.

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