How Long Before Google Ranks Your New Website

How long does it take before Google ranks your new website? With a good SEO strategy, 6-12 months but the fact is it depends. There’s no definite answer for how long it takes to rank on Google. Much more how long before Google ranks your new website?

However, if you stay on this page long enough, you will learn how Google ranks websites and what you need to do to rank on Google fast.

A recent study by ahrefs showed that only 5.7% of all newly published web pages rank on Google Top 10 for at least one keyword within a year. That is to say that over 94% of new web pages published on the internet do not rank on Google top 10 within the first 12 months!

Through observation, we also found that newly published pages of high authority domains ranked better and faster than those of low authority domains. New websites generally have low domain authority.

A further study of these 5.7% web pages to see how much time it took them to rank on Google top 10 showed that it took them 2 – 6 months.

Now, did this study provide a definitive answer for how long it takes for new websites to rank on Google? Certainly not! But it did provide some insight into how long it could take new web pages of both high and low authority domains to rank in Google top 10.

Now, the long answer is that 95% of newly published web pages, including those of new websites do not rank on Google top 10 within a year.

How to Rank on Google Fast

We’ve been able to establish that 95% of new web pages do not rank on Google within a year, let us now look at how you can rank on Google fast.

Ranking on search engines is the only way to get organic traffic which happens to be the best type of traffic for any site. So, unless your website is a big player and receives a lot of brand queries on search engines, you’ll need to do some intelligent work to rank on Google. The short answer to what you need to do to rank on Google fast is to improve your SEO strategy. We’ve prepared this post on 5 Essential Elements to Improve Your SEO in 2020.

Let us now look at some tips that can help your new website rank fast on Google.

1. Have a Responsive Website

A responsive website is one that is able to display correctly across multiple devices heightening user experience. Part of your responsive website design effort should also be to increase the loading speed of your website.

A responsive website increases your SEO advantage by reducing bounce rates. An average bounce rate is a sign that your site visitors are engaging with your content, a factor Google algorithms considers greatly in ranking of web pages.

2. Build Links

Build backlinks. Use interlinking and fix broken links. The importance of these three SEO activities to ranking cannot be overemphasized.

Backlinks are like “vote of confidence” for your website. In building backlinks, it is important to acquire as many quality backlinks as possible.

Interlinking on the other hand is a smart SEO technique to pass link juice to other pages of your website. It helps to increase the number of page visits per user and also helps Google crawlers to understand your niche better.

3. Create SEO Contents

Spend time in developing high quality SEO contents to build trust. High quality content is one that is characterized by expertise and authority of the author in the subject matter. Uniqueness, freshness and ability of your content to meet user’s needs are also very important factors considered during ranking of web pages.

That will increase your click through rate (CTR). Make use of outbound links to add credence to the claims of your contents. Google algorithm tends to rank websites with high CTR and low bounce rate higher.

4. Submit Sitemap

This tip requires that you always submit a sitemap to Google through Google Search Console as soon as you make new additions of web pages to your website.

The importance of this is that it serves as a personal invitation to Google crawlers to index your web page. See how to submit your sitemap to Google Search Console.

5. Optimize Performing Pages

This process requires you to keep track of your traffic in order to find out which pages of your site are ranking. Then take extra steps to optimize these pages for relevant keywords so as to rank higher if they are not already ranking high.


Haven seen how to rank fast on Google, we can attest that it involves some amount of conscious efforts. It requires even more if your business or website is in a highly competitive niche. Popular brands tend to achieve ranking faster because they get a lot of brand queries and so get direct traffic more than others.

If your website is new, your priority should not be set to how long before Google ranks your website. It should be to get your SEO strategy right and set it in motion. Your focus should be to optimize your website, improve on your content marketing and also build quality backlinks which is very important for ranking on Google. If you are able to execute all of these perfectly, you should see your website rank on Google in a matter of time.

You can also hire an SEO expert to help you work on both your on – page and off-page SEO.  Here are 7 Questions to Ask Your SEO Company before hiring one. A good SEO company should be able to increase your brand visibility and Google ranking in 6 – 12 months.

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