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How Google Question Hub Can Improve Your Website Traffic

Google Question Hub is a Google-developed tool that collects unanswered user queries from Google search and makes them available for bloggers, writers and content creators generally to work with.

There are millions of questions people ask on a daily basis for which they get no answers to.  As a matter of fact, 15% of user queries made on Google daily have never been asked before. At the forefront of Google’s mission is to serve up contents that satisfy users’ search intents.

The idea behind Google Question Hub was to develop an informed pool of unanswered user questions on Google search and provide direct answers to them in a bid to fill any content gap. GQH allows content publishers such as bloggers to know what questions people are asking that there are no proper answer to yet and then provide answers to such questions directly.

The thing with working with Google Question Hub is that you can exploit it to find relevant keywords, develop target contents and generally improve your website traffic.

How Does Google Question Hub Work?

Google Question Hub identifies content gaps by collecting unanswered questions from user queries on Google. It is equally very easy to use and does not require any special skills set.

If you own your website, you will be required to verify it in Search Console before you can use GQH. If you are only a publisher for the website, you can either ask your webmaster to add you as a user on Search Console or ask your webmaster to sign up for GQH and generate relevant questions which can be exported in CSV format for you.

After you sign up for GQH, you can explore for unanswered questions in different niches of interest to you. When you click “Add Questions” and search for topics that you are interested in, the resource will turns up hundreds of questions related to your niche that have not been answered.

Alternatively, you can use the “Category” browse option to explore topics and choose relevant keywords. Upon finding a topic that you are interested in, you can click “Add” to have that question added to your question tab.

How to Use Google Question Hub?

To use Question Hub, you must have a Google account. If you don’t have an existing Google account, you can create one by simply creating a Gmail account.

As we’ve already mentioned earlier, you must have access to a verified site on Search Console to be able to use Google Question Hub. If you don’t have such access, you can either ask your webmaster to add you as a user on Search console or to download relevant questions for you using the CSV export option.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use Google Question Hub:

  • Sign up on Google Question Hub
  • Select the sites you’ve added via Google Search Console
  • Choose your blog topic
  • Select your category and choose to add topics
  • Select the questions you can provide answers to from the topics added
  • Paste a relevant link to a published post on your blog that answers the question
  • Click “submit” and you’re done!

How Google Question Hub Can Improve Your Website Traffic

Question Hub is a very helpful tool for bloggers who want to increase organic traffic of their websites. With GQH, you don’t have to search so deep to find relevant keywords to work with. You’re granted unfettered access to keyword ideas based on questions real people are asking on the internet.

If you’ve developed high quality contents based on insights you have gained from Google Question Hub, it’s only a matter of time before such pages begin to generate quality traffic for your blog.

While submitting your article on Question Hub will not naturally make you rank higher on Google, it does have its perks. Writing your articles based on topic insights you gained from GQH will help you be among the first to fill existing content gap and rank faster on Google. That will in turn increase your search engine visibility and website traffic in general.

Benefits of Using Google Question Hub

There are benefits to using Question Hub if you are a blogger who is passionate about growing a successful blog.

The top 3 benefits attached to using Question Hub include:

  1. Explore hundreds of topics
  2. Create targeted contents
  3. Track Impact of Your Contents

1. Explore Hundreds of Topics

Working with the Question Hub tool grants you access to explore hundreds of topics that are relevant to your niche. A common problem bloggers face is researching relevant keywords to develop contents for. GQH allows you to explore hundreds of topics and also choose the most relevant keywords to your blog.

2. Create Targeted Contents

Freedom to create targeted contents that meet users’ search intents is just about the best part of using Question Hub. The platform helps you to see the questions that are in searchers’ minds that have been left unanswered. You can proceed by creating contents with a sole purpose of satisfying such search intents in future.

3. Track Impact of Your Contents

The ability to track the impact of all contents published on the internet is something every blogger would be thrilled about. Question Hub makes it possible to track the impact of contents submitted on it. Such contents are also made visible on search results for users to explore. At the end of the day, you as a website owner are provided with ample feedback about the impact of your work which can come in handy for your future content marketing purposes.

Although submitting relevant pages of your website as answers on GQH will not automatically make you rank number 1 on Google search results, it sure will give you more visibility on search results. If you’ve done your search engine optimization and all that is left correctly, you will naturally generate a lot of traffic from such pages of your website.

If you have further questions about Google Question Hub, this FAQs page will be helpful in answering all the questions that you might have.

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