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Digital Marketing and SEO Case Study 3 – Ecommerce Business

We are very excited to have you view one of our case studies! We are a professional digital marketing agency with a focus on SEO Marketing. However, we also offer clients a wide option of other digital marketing services including paid campaigns. We’ve worked with several businesses including Kanban Zone, Achievability UK, Semilimes, Bamba, BirdIQ, and Swizly.

This case study features a startup e-commerce brand and it was solely executed and managed by an SEO Marketing Map team member.

This brand used an integrated marketing strategy involving multiple agencies and teams. However, we were charged with Social Media Marketing and Community Management.

Client’s Goal

Raise seed investment on Kickstarter to the tune of €15,000

Our Charge

Community Management and Social Media Marketing

What we did

  • Posted relevant text and visuals on social media
  • Researched and used relevant hashtags
  • Posted at optimal times throughout the day
  • Made recommendations for social media marketing
  • Responded to inquiries
  • Communicated prospective buyers’ concerns with top management


Successfully reached and surpassed the Kickstarter funding goal to the tune of €21,000+ by 46 backers


Project Timeline: 3 months

Project Cost: $500USD Monthly

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