Digital Marketing and SEO Case Study 2 – Medical University

*Disclaimer: We will not be using the actual numbers for privacy reasons but will represent the figures and activities as closely as possible. This case study results were achieved by a senior SEO Marketing team member while working as the brand’s in-house staff.

We are very excited to have you view one of our case studies! We are a professional digital marketing agency with a focus on SEO Marketing. However, we also offer clients a wide option of other digital marketing services including paid campaigns. We’ve worked with several businesses including Kanban Zone, Achievability UK, Semilimes, Bamba, BirdIQ, and Swizly.

This case study features a combination of SEO and Paid campaigns solely executed and managed by an SEO Marketing Map team member.


  • Improve the website ranking of a Canadian owned Medical School.
  • Increase student application.
  • Manage website properties
  • Manage multiple social media platforms
  • Perform daily analytics across properties

Marketing spend: </=$50,000 monthly.


To maximize this budget, ad spend was broken into:

  • Google advertising 40%
  • Social Media (advertising) 30%
  • Content marketing 10%
  • SEO 5%
  • Influencer marketing 5%
  • Marketing materials design (Landing pages, lead hooks etc) 10%

The purpose of this campaign was to generate awareness, leads, and eventually, XXX number of paying customers in the first quarter.

I was responsible for creating and managing the overall Google ad campaign using a combination of well-worded display and search ads. We outranked competitors in ad share by using a clever keyword targeting strategy and multiple campaigns

For the social media ad, we focused on targeting lesser-known but highly profitable markets with very low CPC (0.06), high CTR, and Conversion. While these markets have high spam rates, the low cost per acquisition makes it worth it.

I moved around the marketing budget based on analytics and customer behavior. For instance, through analytics, I discovered Facebook performed better than Google ads so the marketing budget was re-evaluated to capture this.

In total we were able to generate Xxx number of customers (over 200% above target) Given that the product is high priced and seasonally paid (paid 3 times yearly), we had a projected sales of over $4.4M on a quarterly ad spend of $150,000

With one of our campaigns, our competitors were highly outranking us causing us to lose market share for a highly profitable region.

This was resolved as a result of teamwork. We analyzed and optimized the campaign based on feedback from a Google rep.

During this time, we also discovered another management-level issue with branding and tabled our suggestions to management. This is just a summary of a huge project that was sadly impacted by COVID-19.

As part of the SEO Marketing Map team, I am very interested in bringing my digital marketing expertise to your brand. I am also thrilled about the possibility of working with a new team and learning from them. If you find my work interesting, kindly get in touch so we can discuss the details of your project!

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