Digital Marketing and SEO Case Study 1 – Saas Business

One of our most interesting projects was improving the website ranking and traffic of a SaaS business (Kanban Zone) via content and social media marketing. It was tough but not too tough for us to deliver outstanding results!

The Client Brief

We are seeking an agency to lead our marketing efforts. This agency would work with our in-house product manager, content writers, SEO expert, and graphic designers to create marketing campaigns and track the results of all our marketing campaigns.

– Grow new leads, including marketing-qualified leads, by converting site traffic through calls-to-action, landing pages, and lead generation content

– Build and manage the company’s social media profiles and presence, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and additional channels that may be deemed relevant. – Create shareable content appropriate for specific networks to spread both our brand and our content.

– Grow our subscriber base by providing them with regular, helpful content that’s aligned with their needs and interests.

– Collaborate with content marketing and blog contributors to create high-quality content around important, relevant terms. – Grow our email list organically, not through bought or rented lists.

– Create and maintain metrics reports on marketing and sales activities, effectiveness, and business impact.

Our Response and Strategy

Step 1 – Video Chat

1hr+ Face to Face video call to establish rapport with the client, discuss SEO needs, and determine fit.

Step 2 – SEO Audit

seo audit Site Audit snippet

Site-wide SEO Audit to identify 1. Ranking issues 2. User experience issues 3. Lead funnel gaps

Step 3 – Industry and Competitor Analysis

Industry and competitor analysis is a core part of our SEO strategy. We reviewed the industry in-depth including competitors to identify what our client could be doing better and to take advantage of marketing gap opportunities not filled by any other brand in the industry.

Step 4 – Implementation alongside in-house Team

We were able to identify website user experience issues so we recommended a website redesign with a focus on user experience and conversion rate optimization. The SEO Marketing team worked alongside the in-house web and graphics design team to ensure that the website was redesigned according to recommendations.

Step 5 – Digital Strategy Creation

We created and executed digital marketing strategies across channels  (Website and social) for this brand. We also designed and executed a multi-channel lead generation system to bring new sign-ups and sales each day.

Step 6 – Keyword Research and Content Calendar Creation

content strategy
A snippet of our content strategy for Kanban Zone

Created a custom content strategy for this brand and managed their team of in-house content writers to make sure the content was produced according to specifications. Our keyword research and content calendar are very thorough and include focus keywords, long-tail keyword, and keyword data-inspired content topics.

Step 7 – Social Media Content Calendar Creation and Optimization

Social is a vital part of SEO. As part of our efforts to improve the organic traffic, we developed a social strategy that targeted specific platforms based on previous data on Audience engagement.  See a snippet of our social strategy for this brand below:

social media strategy

Step 8 – Ongoing Support and Analytics

Many agencies fail at providing great ongoing support and analytics, but not us at SEO Marketing Map. We are so passionate about support that we can only onboard a specific number of clients each month. Our goal is to keep our operations small and personal so our clients can get all the attention they need. Our ongoing support and analytics helped see long-lasting results!

Now the Results!

  • After 8 weeks of making recommended website changes and executing the strategies, we created,  their business website improved by over 3,500,000 places in just eight weeks (from a ranking of over 4,000,000). Currently ranked among the top 150k websites in the world.


  • Improved website traffic by over 1500%
  • Improved software sign-up rate by over 60%
  • Improved inbound traffic from Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Increased Facebook page following from 45 to 16,000+ followers in less than 6 months.


The client started seeing results in <3 months.

Total Project Timeline: 12 months

Total Project Budget: $20K

We can do even more for your brand as we continue to stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends.

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