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Common Google Adsense Payment Issues and Solutions

Google AdSense is an ad serving program by Google where content publishers who agree to serve Google ads on their platforms such as websites, YouTube channels, or apps earn some revenue.

Content publishers on the Google AdSense network often have a question or two bordering on Google AdSense payment issues. We’ve also prepared this articlee on why your website isn’t showing up on Google.

This particular article will discuss clearly some common Google AdSense issues and how to resolve them quickly on your own.

If you stay on this page long enough, you will also learn how to reach out to Google AdSense  after you’ve exhausted every other option available to you.

What Do I Need to Set Up?

The most exciting thing for website owners and other content publishers about Google AdSense is the idea of earning money from what they do.

Being on this page at this time means you probably already joined the Google AdSense program and are already earning money. So, I’m thinking your problem could not be how to sign up for Google AdSense?

If you happen to be new to the Google AdSense program, you will need to set up your AdSense backend and fill out your payment information first before you can start receiving payment from Google.

Below is the information you need to provide via your Google AdSense backend to start receiving payments.

  • the right postal address (and confirm it)
  • your tax information (not applicable for all countries)
  • a preferred payment method

After you’ve provided the above information, you’re to wait for payout day to receive your payment. That is assuming you’ve earned some! Google typically sends payments in the last week of the next month, usually from 21st to 26th. This is to enable Google to review all earnings data and make sure there are no people trying to cheat the system.

That being said, I’m now going to talk about some common Google AdSense payment issues and how to resolve them.

Common Google AdSense Payment Issues and Solutions

There are a number of peculiar payment issues that could arise for individuals on the Google AdSense program but I have identified most of them under 5 broad categories. This will serve as a guide to help you seek a solution to whatever case applies to you.

1. Payment Not Received

Although the whole of the Google AdSense process is fully automated, sometimes, anomalies might arise.  In the case that you did not receive payment despite filling out your payment information, you may request a reissue of payment after 60 days.

After 60 days has elapsed and payment still did not arrive, you may complete this form to request a payment reissue for the month for which payment did not arrive. This issue applies more to those who have chosen “check” as their preferred payment method.

2. Payment Released But Not Collected

This problem is especially peculiar if you have chosen Western Union as your preferred payment method. If for any reason, you did not collect your issued Western Union payment after 60 days of release, WU sends it back to Google. Upon receipt, Google re-credits your AdSense account.

In the event that you didn’t receive a re-credit, the money is probably still with WU. You should contact them and request the money be sent back to Google.

3. Payment Issued But Didn’t Arrive

In the event that payment was issued but didn’t arrive, the first place to check is with your bank. What you should do is print the payment receipt and take it with you to your bank. Sometimes, banks hold payments in a holding account waiting for the Payee to contact them.

4. Payment Threshold Not Reached

This is another AdSense payment issue that might arise especially for newbies but it is not really an issue. A payment threshold exists for all AdSense earnings below which you cannot be paid for the month. Google sends payment to you every month if your earnings exceed $100 but if it doesn’t, payment is deferred until the next month when you do.

So, if you do not receive payment because your earning is below $100, there’s really nothing to worry about. Just relax as the payment will be added to your earnings for the next month.

5. Payment Method Changed But Payment Did not Arrive

In the event that you changed your preferred payment method but did not receive payment with the new method, you should confirm that the chosen payment method applies to your country.

In cases like that when a payment method does not apply, Google maintains payment with the previous payment method.


We hope you’ve found this guide on how to resolve AdSense payment issues very helpful in resolving your AdSense payment related issues?

If after all said and done, you don’t find the solution to your payment related issue here, then maybe you should reach out for help. If you’re an agency managing a site with at least 3,000,000 monthly page views or a website owner with over 300,000 monthly page views, an AdSense specialist can help you get started and make the most of your new account.

You may find this Google AdSense contact form helpful. You may also try the Google AdSense help center.

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