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Why Choose Our Services?

Having a business website isn't enough, getting found on Google isn't sufficient, getting found on Google first page is good but getting found on Google first page plus conversion rate optimization is best.

It's time to turn your business website into a lead generation machine and we're here to help you do just that. Our SEO agency focuses on creating custom SEO strategies that are tailored for your business and industry to ensure you're getting the most out of your online marketing.


SEO Audit and Strategy

We treat every brand as a unique entity which is why our strategies start off with a custom SEO audit of your website to evaluate what needs to be fixed or improved on.


Keyword Targeting

Without the right keywords, your website cannot be found by your prospective customers. Let’s help you research and target the best keywords to get more views on your website.


Competitor Analysis

Learn more about your competitor’s online strategy so you can optimize your website to always stay on top of the competition. Identify their marketing gaps for an exhaustive online strategy.


Improve User Experience

A badly designed or optimized website will convert very poorly. Our skilled team is adept at analyzing website UX and optimizing it for automated lead generation and conversion.


Valuable Content

The internet exists for one main reason; to help people find valuable answers. Our SEO agency is a content-first agency focused on providing valuable content that naturally attracts relevant clicks.


Ongoing Support

At SEO Marketing Map, we are passionate about businesses. We go beyond what our clients pay for and provide ongoing support and analytics even for several months after a contract is ended.

Real Businesses, Real Results

Digital Marketing and SEO Strategy for startup Saas Business on a budget.
Paid Campaign and SEO for Canadian-Owned Medical Univeristy
Social Media Marketing and Community Management for eCommerce business
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Best SEO Service

We focus on providing Valuable, optimized Content and great User Experience

The primary reason search engines exist is to provide valuable content that genuinely answers users' questions. That's exactly why we are a content-centric SEO marketing agency.

We don’t employ blackhat gimmicks like many other SEO agencies. We take the long, hard road to ensure that our clients have long-lasting results that don’t end with the contract.

Not Enough For Your SEO Needs?

Have a unique SEO need? You can speak to one of our experts to help us understand your unique SEO needs.

Is your google ranking dwindling or just stuck at the same level? Let us help you gain visibility on Google.

Need an agency to take full control of your company’s digital marketing strategy? You’ve come to the right place!

Most Affordable SEO service in Canada

SEO Marketing Map operates a fully virtual agency. We work with skilled talents from various countries around the world allowing us to charge way less than traditional SEO agencies!

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“These are the most professional and qualified Marketing experts I have encountered in my career, including working with Fortune 500 clients. Their work exceeded our expectations and the results of their work were clearly visible. Our online presence has jumped up dramatically and it was all achieved within the agreed budget. Their ability to give clear and concise direction is amazing. They can make any team better as their insights are extremely valuable. They are the best people to help any organization improve its Marketing. I highly recommend their services.

P. Dimitri


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