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10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic Quickly

There are a few things you can do to generate website traffic quickly. Why is high website traffic so important to your business? A high volume of website traffic is a good indicator of a business that is reaching its audience. It is important because the more visitors you have the more chances you have of converting them to customers.

If you need to generate website traffic to your website today, you will need to know how to drive traffic to your website to begin.

10 Ways to Generate Website Traffic Quickly

If you know how long SEO takes, you will agree that miracles don’t happen overnight. However, we’ve put together these 10 ways to increase website traffic quickly.

1. Enlist on Google My Business

Google My Business is the snack pack result that shows up when you make a business-related query on Google. It gives all the important information that you need to visit a business. Google My Business allows you to link your website to your listing.

A well-optimized Google My Business profile receives 7 times more visits than an unoptimized one. To drive website traffic to your website, you should make sure your GMB listing is well optimized by completing every little detail of it.

See a sample Google My Business listings below:

Google My Business
Google My Business

2. Advertise

Advertising should probably be number 1 on this list of things you can do to increase website traffic fast. Every form of paid advertising has its places in generating quick traffic to your site.

The primary goal of every paid search, social media, and display advertising are to get your brand in front of people. Facebook advertising allows you to select the right bidding option needed to achieve a certain goal such as get more clicks or conversions.

3. Go Social

Social media is where everyone is at. You cannot run a successful business today without going social. Social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn come in handy when you want to increase your website traffic.

Twitter is ideal for short catchy texts with links back to your website. The likes of Pinterest and Instagram are very helpful for image and video content.

The whole idea of going social is to create a buzz, capture, and retain your target audience. Social media are undisputable sources of referral traffic for your website.

4. On-Page SEO

Organic traffic is the best type of traffic that comes to any website. The reason is that it is generated by people who find you from search engine result pages (SERPs). Such people might not have heard of your business or website before finding you on SERPs. Knowing how to get organic traffic is important if you need such visibility on SERPs.

The importance of SEO generally is to rank on SERPs. A thorough on-page SEO is your best bet if you want to become more visible to your target audience.

Practicing basic on-page SEO like adding your alt text, Meta description, and interlinking can increase your website traffic in less than no time.

5. Do Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is when you publish your content on others’ blogs. The goal of guest blogging is to network for traffic. Guest blogging for a reputable site exposes both your profile and content to a larger audience different from yours.

If you’re good, there’s a great chance they will discover your website through your profile or backlinks within your article.

Getting a reputable guest blogger on your site too is a great way to attract their audience to your blog.

6. Optimize Your Page Loading Time

Do you know how much traffic is lost as a result of slow loading pages? 80% of internet users ditch a webpage if it is not loaded by the first 3 seconds.

If your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, you are operating below the industry standard. The resultant effect is that you will have a high bounce rate, losing traffic that you should be getting. Fixing your website speed will increase your traffic almost instantly.

7. Track Your Traffic Sources

Google Analytics helps you to track all your traffic sourcesKnowing where most of your site traffic is coming from should be a guide for future campaigns. Pay more attention to sources that generate more traffic to increase your website traffic.

Focusing on only one source of traffic especially if it is not organic traffic might not be too great if you serve Google ads. Google Adsense is not able to track non-organic sources of traffic and you might be missing out on relevant ads.

8. Utilize Aggregator Sites and Forums

Submitting helpful content to sites like and are great ways to increase referral traffic for your website.

You should try no to spam members of the forum. Contribute only with contents that help users and include helpful links to your site where necessary.

Want to hear a secret? Generating referral traffic is the reason a lot of content marketers would contribute to forums. But, do not get too promotional and be caught with your hands in the cookie jar!

9. Target Long-Tail Keywords

Although short-tail keywords have higher search volumes, they are difficult to rank for in older niches.

For example, if you are a new blogger attempting to rank for the keyword “website traffic”, you’re most probably not going to rank for it in another decade! Targeting long-tail keywords like “tips to increase website traffic” gives you a chance to rank.

It is important that you do proper keyword research and finds existing content gaps that you can fill. Google Question Hub can help you identify content gaps in your niche.

10. Consider Email Marketing

Sending out well-crafted newsletters and promotional offers is a great way to stay fresh in your customers’ memory. Providing helpful information that links back to your website through such emails can increase your website traffic in the long run.

As a rule, you must avoid bombarding your readers with too many emails that will cause them to unsubscribe.

Final Words

The journey to increase website traffic is never completed. However, if you’ve got the right kind of information and put in consistent effort, success is guaranteed.

As you progress, it is important to constantly monitor your marketing channels to know which brings in the best results and improve based on it.

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